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How Much Money Do I Spend to Get My House Ready to Sell?

How Much Money Do I Spend to Get My House Ready to Sell?

We have all heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money” but what does that mean in terms of selling your home? Well, at Team Blake we believe giving a little can open the door to getting a lot, especially when it comes to real estate. When we suggest getting your house ready for sale, we mean much more than just staging your home to perfection. (Something we know a ton about and will talk about later in this article!) Let’s dive into just how much money you should spend on getting your house ready to sell and what that money should be used for. 

Why Put Money Into Your Home Before Selling

No one knows your house better than you and even when you’re ready to sell you know the few fixer-upper items you never got to while you lived there. Preparing to sell your home is the perfect time to revisit that to-do list and knock off a few of the upgrades and updates that will really make your home listing shine. Small investments on your part can lead to big returns when your home hits the market. Some of the most profitable home improvements noted in 2021 included painting, yard landscaping, lighting fixtures, and flooring. For improvements like painting and landscaping, some sweat equity can go a long way, or you can opt to pay a professional to get the job done.

Putting the money in now can feel like you’re selling a brand new home, and buyers will notice. Think of how spending $10,000 now, can make buyers not see what they have to spend to fix it up later! So what are some of the most common updates to make?

Common Updates Worth Making to Your Home

While most updates are good updates, there are some that get the most bang for your buck. Here are a few of the common updates Team Blake would suggest and why:

  • Carpet/Flooring: If you’ve been in the home you’re selling for a while, or even if you’re selling an investment property you own, there’s a good chance nothing has been more “well-loved” than your floors. Whether it’s original hardwood floors or carpet that has seen the likes of kids and pets, it’s worth the work to get some new flooring under your feet before listing. Especially when it comes to pets and carpets, many buyers can overlook an outdated carpet but can’t overlook the smell that may come with it. 
  • Paint: A new layer of exterior and interior paint, can really transform a home. Generally, neutral color shades like beige, gray, white, and taupe can often lead to a faster sale and give the home a calming presence and offer a blank slate for potential buyers. And don’t forget the trim! Floor trim is one of the areas to really pay attention to while re-painting.
  • Window Washing: Nothing freshens up a home quite like some squeaky clean windows. Having clear windows can offer clear views, lighter rooms, and is an oftentimes overlooked touch that really ups the clean feeling of your home. 

Should You Put Money into Staging Your Home?

Should you put money into staging your home? Absolutely! Staging your home is all about presentation, and while an empty home can provide a blank canvas, it can be difficult for many buyers to see the full potential of your property with nothing in it. Just how successful can staging your home be? Data from the National Association of Realtors shows that staged homes sell 72% faster than those shown as-is.

The good news is that staging your home can be far more affordable than you might think. Little staging touches can go a long way and with Team Blake’s connections in Kansas City, we can help you focus on the right rooms and find the right items to fit the space. We’ve personally seen modest investments in staging homes turn into a $30,000 increase in sales value.

Who Can Help Me Get My House Ready to Sell?

Team Blake can help you not only sell your house but help you through the process of getting ready to sell your house. Our team of real estate professionals in Kansas City can help you in every step of the real estate process. From offering suggestions on landscaping services to staging your home to perfection, no task is too big or too small when you’re working with Team Blake. It’s no surprise that the real estate world can be confusing at times, and we want nothing more than to make your home selling experience memorable and easy. If you’re ready to see the potential of your home on the market, reach out to us today!

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