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What to Know Before You Say Yes to an Offer

Your house is on the market and you’re starting to see the offers roll in. It’s an exciting time to see people interested in your house and all of your hard work preparing and staging your home is coming to fruition. But what comes next…? What offer is the best to take? How long should you wait to accept one? The work isn’t quite done when offers start coming in and Team Blake is ready to offer concierge-level service to lead you in the right direction when it comes to selling your home. 

Selling a home may be one of the largest transactions you make in your adult life. Being well-informed and confident in your decision is important. Take these considerations with you as you explore the offers you’ve received, and as always, a good real estate agent should be there to help answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Does the offer meet your listing price?

It’s no surprise that home buyers want a deal, just as home sellers want to get the most out of their homes. While you can always entertain the lower offers that come in, you have to decide for yourself what the lowest amount you’ll take is. This number could always fluctuate depending on other factors, like how fast you need to sell your home and how many offers come in over time. Additionally, are there any sellers that offer more value in other places? For example, if you need more time before moving out, consider taking the lower offer that allows for a longer closing date. You, the home seller, will know what you want to get out of the property best, and that will help guide your decision on the absolute lowest offer you’ll take. Having an established baseline will help you feel at ease when sifting through offers and knowing where your cut-off is can help alleviate any seller’s remorse you may have after the deal is done. 

Establishing an offer deadline

In many cases, establishing an initial deadline for your offers can help drive interest in your property. If you’re hosting an open house the same weekend as you put the house on the market, choosing an offer deadline a few days after the initial open house can offer buyers a sense of urgency. Paired with an open house, an offer deadline can help nudge buyers into their decision-making mode. 

Establishing an offer deadline works best in a seller’s market and on homes that expect a few offers to come in as soon as the property hits the market. If you’re unsure about the level of interest your home may gather, talk to your real estate agent! The great thing about Team Blake is we’re all real estate agents that help clients both buy and sell their homes. We can use our insight into the Kansas City market to offer an informed idea of how your house may fair on the market. 

Is it in your best interest to negotiate?

It’s important to remember in the home selling process that almost everything could be negotiable. You may have an offer, or two, that you like but that doesn’t mean you have to take it as it is. You can try your hand at negotiations to settle into an offer that you feel most comfortable with. Common negotiations made include counteroffers, requesting a different closing date, or picking and choosing a select few of the buyer’s requested changes to the home.

All negotiations should be handled with respect and understanding. Not all negotiations are met and some buyers could end up pulling their offer, depending on how the negotiations come across. When it comes to negotiations on offers for your home, working with a real estate agent can really come in handy. A real estate agent can work as a great mediator for these negotiations and offer advice on what may help or hinder the sale. 

Optimize your offers with help from Team Blake

Selling a home is a really big deal. You deserve a real estate agent that will give you the time and energy needed to perfect your home-selling process and offer concierge-level service for the entirety of the journey. Team Blake prides itself on offering top-tier service to each and every one of our clients that join the Team Blake Family. Our real estate professionals know the Kansas City market and can offer you the right assistance in getting your home on the market, getting the offers you deserve, and getting you into a new home you’ll love. Contact us today to get started on getting your home sold.

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