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Why Should You Stage Your Home for Sale?

4 Reasons You Should Stage Your Home for Sale


Last week, I took a client to see three similar homes in Overland Park. They all had four bedrooms, two baths and a deck. Two were even on the same block and they all had very similar floor plans.

I know that my client can’t stop thinking about one of those homes.

But if they were all pretty similar homes, why is that my client is only entertaining one of these homes as their dream home.

It’s all about presentation.

Buyers know that they aren’t going to live in the house the way it’s staged. Very few people, perhaps just Real Estate Professionals and Interior Designers, live the way a home is staged, but when we put the time and energy into staging a home, we are painting a picture of luxury.

The real estate market is hot and buyers are not forgiving, so staging will make or break your sale. It can be hard to invest the time and energy in staging your home, especially if you and your family still live in the house. Real estate professionals often joke that we are the only people that live the way we stage.

I promise, painting that perfect picture is worth the time and effort. And don’t just take my word for it. Here are four reasons staging your home isn’t just a nice touch but an essential part of the process.

Staged Homes Sell Faster.

I am incredibly proud of my average days on market. The current KC average is 20+ days on market and my homes have an average of 3.

I know how to sell a home and how to sell it quickly and data from the National Association of Realtors shows that staged home sell 72% faster than those shown as-is.

That means less time to worry about offers and more time to move on to the new chapter you’re eagerly anticipating.

Staged homes sell faster

Staged Homes Sell For More

Not only do staged homes sell quickly, they sell for more. When I took my client to see those three similar homes, one was missing door handles and faucets. They hadn’t finished the renovations and wanted the buyer to image the finished product.

My client isn’t interested in picking out door handles and most buyers are willing to spend more on a move-in ready house.

According to Home Staging Resources, staging your home can mean offers come in 10-15% higher.

That extra money might pay for your move, or be the difference you need for the downpayment for the home you really want to move into.

Staging Homes Helps Buyers See Their Life In The Home

Buyers want to feel inspired and relaxed when they walk through a home. They want to imagine their friends visiting. They want to see themselves relaxing in that luxurious tub. Or sitting out on the deck and watching the sunset.

And you can make that possible.

In a survey by The National Association of Realtors, 40% of buyers agents surveyed said that buyers were more inclined to walk through a staged home than one that was not staged. When I took my client to see three similar homes last week, he didn’t even bother looking at the bedrooms of the third house, because there was no way he could see himself living in that home.

Simple touches like decluttering or creating a color scheme will create a sense of belonging and homeyness.

Staging Your Home Is More Affordable Than You Think

Staging your home is a low-cost way to attract higher offers and my team and I have this down to an art.

One affordable way to add a touch of color to every listing with a bowl of lemons in every single kitchen. The citrus smells indicate cleanliness. The lemons convey a feeling that fresh food and wonderful memories will be made in this space, and the bright pop of color is a great way to feature the center of a room.

Staging is more affordable than you think

The eye is drawn to the brightest color, the lemons become a focal point and the visual journey around the room unfolds from there. And best of all, lemons work with any kitchen decor. They are a universal accessory!

The seemingly little touches we put into your home when we prepare it for listing can mean thousands of additional dollars in your pocket.

How Do I Stage My Home?

If you’re getting ready to sell, let me know. Contact me and we can do the heavy lifting for you. My average time on market is under three days because my team and I know exactly how to stage and sell a home. Are you ready to get started? Me too! (913) 406-1406.

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