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Does Hosting an Open House Matter?

Does Hosting an Open House Matter?

Chances are you’ve seen the signs outside of houses for sale. Beautifully decorated with balloons and large letters that say: OPEN HOUSE. Open houses are when a homeowner and their real estate agent invite the general public to view the property. Usually, open houses will last for a few hours and allow potential buyers the chance to get up close and personal with the possible new home. While an open house isn’t necessary for any home-selling process, it could prove beneficial to home buyers and home sellers alike. 

Attracting Buyers with an Open House

While your house’s online listing will do a lot of the work in getting your home in front of potential buyers, hosting an open house can expand your list of potential bidders. Hosting an open house could make your home a feasible option for buyers who didn’t even consider themselves to be serious at first. Individuals may drive through your neighborhood every day to get to work and always think about how beautiful your home is. Hosting an open house gives them an opportunity to see what could be possible by taking a look inside your home! Additionally, it’s not unlikely to see neighbors and friends of neighbors have a higher interest in a home after visiting an open house in their own neighborhood. Open houses are also a great way to consolidate how often your home has to be available for showings. This can be especially beneficial to families who may need to continue to live in their home while it is on the market. 

Sellers Receive Instant Feedback About Their House

Warranted or unwarranted, when you host an open house you also open your house to feedback from its guests. Hosting an open house can provide insight into what buyers like and don’t like about your house. While some things may not be important to the buyer, some suggestions could help make your home more enticing to buyers if the open house doesn’t produce an offer. For instance, if people walking through your home mention they’re having a difficult time visualizing the space, you could consider staging the house and hosting another open house. Another example would be taking the plunge in replacing some flooring in the house if potential buyers continue to mention any wear or tear in certain areas. Ultimately, how much you decide to spend on updates is up to you but this feedback could offer some insight into why your home may be taking longer to sell. 

Open Houses Can Benefit Buyers Too

Open houses don’t just benefit the person selling the home! Attending open houses can help home-buyers in a number of ways. Open houses are a great way for buyers to get familiar with what type of floor plans they may prefer and get a sense of how much space they may actually need for their new home. Sometimes photos can only tell half the story. Being able to walk around the actual space and take a closer look at windows, appliances, and more can prove extremely beneficial in making this long-term investment. An open house is a stress-free environment that can allow buyers to look around without the pressure of the need to immediately make an offer.

Open houses are also a great way to meet your next realtor! If you’re new to home-buying or haven’t done it in a while, you may not have a realtor at the current time. The home buyer’s realtor will be at the open house to help answer any questions you have about the home, so why not ask them questions about the home-buying process too? You could find someone you really make a connection with who can help you with your own real estate journey. Finding the right home can be stressful. Team Blake hopes to alleviate the stress of finding the right realtor with a team full of professionals ready to help you with every home-buying or home-selling situation. 

Host an Open House with the Help of Team Blake

If you’re ready to showcase your home, collect feedback, and potentially reduce the amount of time your home is on the market, then an open house is the right choice! However, the work of an open house shouldn’t be put on the seller. That’s where your dedicated team of Kansas City real estate professionals comes in. Team Blake can help you create an open house experience that is enjoyable for not only potential buyers but the home sellers. If you’re ready to create an open house experience that gets your home noticed, contact Team Blake today. We’re also here to answer any other questions you may have!

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