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Everything You Need to Know About Westport, Kansas City

Westport is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri, and considered the city’s original entertainment district. Originally called West Port, the neighborhood got its name more than 150 years ago as it was the westernmost village where settlers stocked up before venturing into the Kansas Territory.

Nearly twenty years before Kansas City became Kansas City, John Calvin McCoy opened a trading post in Westport. Over the next few decades, Westport grew quickly into a thriving community where fur trappers and farmers traded goods and wagon trains of pioneer families stocked up for journeys west via the nearby California, Oregon, and Santa Fe trails. Over a decade later, in 1864, Union and Confederate soldiers fought in The Battle of Westport, which essentially ended the Civil War in the western states. Unfortunately, after the war, trade fell off sharply and never recovered. By 1899, Kansas City annexed Westport.

Blake’s Favorite Things About Westport

About Westport

Today the Westport neighborhood is known for its numerous restaurants, trendy boutiques, and hot nightspots, but still has remnants of the neighborhood’s historic past.

Distance to Downtown

3.8 miles / 10 minutes

Outdoor Spaces

Battle of Westport historic site

Distance to Airport

21 miles / 24 minutes

School District

Kansas City, MO


1855 Harris-Kearney House and Museum

Walk Score



The Foundation Westport


Kelly's Westport Inn, The Westport Saloon

Closest Hospital

St Lukes on the Plaza


Trendy boutiques


Kansas City’s St. Patrick's Day Parade, Westport Beer Festival, Art Westport

Fun Facts About Westport

Nutterville is an area within Westport, full of colorfully painted homes and eclectic businesses. It is named after local Kansas businessman James B. Nutter who bought up a number of houses decades ago and renovated them. Now, Nutterville’s residents maintain the colors and flowers of the area. This unique spot is full of its own personality and vibe. It is a little hidden away but well worth discovering.

As Westport is Kansas City’s oldest entertainment district, the cafes and restaurants, bars, and music venues will not disappoint.

Best Restaurants in Westport

Port Fonda

Port Fonda started as Kansas City’s most talked-about dining experience — authentic Mexican cuisine served from a custom Airstream trailer. They have taken that success and turned it into one of Kansas City’s most compelling restaurants. A home away from home for people that value quality, local ingredients, and creative expressions of rustic Mexican cuisine.

Westport Coffeehouse

Westport Coffeehouse is a locally owned coffeehouse that opened in 1996. It has evolved from the first internet café in Kansas City to an exciting cultural event space.

Char Bar

The Char Bar team have collected trophies from many major barbecue competitions across the country; including Kansas City's American Royal World Series of Barbecue, the heralded Memphis in May BBQ Sauce contest, Austin's "Gettin' Sauced" BBQ Sauce Competition and the People's Choice winner for Taste of the South.

Westport Flea Market

The Westport Flea Market aka The Flea is Kansas City’s quirky, funky, 30+-year-old local-dining institution. Boasting some of the country’s best made-to-order burgers “served up with a healthy side of atmosphere, nostalgia, local history, and a stubborn resistance to change.” Cash only! Make sure to browse the actual flea market after devouring your Flea Burger.

Pot Pie

If a cozy, intimate restaurant is more to your liking, try Pot Pie. Favorites include pan roasted chicken, steamed mussels, scallops, strip, or potpies.

In 1864, Union and Confederate soldiers fought in The Battle of Westport, which essentially ended the Civil War in the western states.

The Westport Saloon

The Westport Saloon is Kansas City’s premier American Roots Music venue, focusing on Honky Tonk, Bluegrass, Classic Country, Blues, and traditional forms of American music. With over 100 whiskey choices, this small capacity live music room is great for an evening of cocktails and dancing.

Westport Coffee House Theatre

Westport Coffee House Theatre, a black box theatre, is on the lower level of Westport Coffee House It hosts Improv Comedy on Friday and Saturday nights, National and Local Jazz musicians during the week, monthly meetings of groups like the "KC Women in Film" and the "KC Society of American Magicians". Also, annual events like the Fringe Festival, KC Improv Festival, and the Charlie Parker Celebration.

Harris-Kearney House and Museum

1855 Harris-Kearney House and Museum is the oldest remaining residence in Kansas City, the 1855 Harris-Kearney House and Museum preserving the unique history of Westward Migration. It shares stories of how Kansas began, the Civil War, illustrates the lives and contributions of first residents to the formation of the KC area, and educates visitors about Westport's role in shaping 19th century America.


Kelly’s Westport Inn

Kelly’s Westport Inn, at 500 Westport Road, is one of the oldest buildings standing in Kansas City. It is arguably Kansas City’s most famous and celebrated landmark, and generations have gathered in this legendary pub since 1947. Bartender Randal Kelly’s warm welcomes, quick wit and generous personality helped create a place where people from all walks of life could enjoy a beer or two amongst friends. Since 1947, the Kelly family has kept the spirit of camaraderie and fellowship alive on this tiny corner of Westport.

Westport is one of Kansas City’s most distinct, vibrant, and economically productive places. The convenience of walking to locally owned and operated businesses makes Westport an ideal place to live.

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