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Making Your Home More Enjoyable

Things to Do to Make Your Home More Enjoyable

It’s been a full month since we shared our list of 151+ Things To Do At Home and we entered lockdown. By now, the virtual tour might feel old, and the live music concerts have lost some of their novelty. I applaud everyone I know for staying home, staying safe, and staying away — all while trying to do their bit to support local businesses and keep some sense of routine. 

Making Your Home More Enjoyable

While at home, I have found a number of different ways to make this time feel less overwhelming, and adapt to my new normal.  

Fresh flowers make such a difference in the home, especially as we flirt with the early days of spring. It might be raining one day, but the next you can see the trees starting to sprout and the lawn looking lush and green. If you can’t support a local florist right now, explore your backyard or existing vegetation and see what you can bring in. 

Candles are always a treat and I often gift the Pickwick & Co. candles that you can still order online. In the evening, a candle can add some ambiance and diffuse any stress or turmoil from the day. During the day, pick your favorite scent and take a minute to drift back to memories of dinner parties, baking with the family, or relaxing by the fire.  

The first ten people to share this blog post on their Facebook page and leave a comment below will get a candle from me!!

Making Your Home More Enjoyable

Don’t let cleaning get out of control! Rather than letting coffee cups and plates accumulate till the end of the day, I have set a 15-minute timer twice a day for a quick clean up. Simply adjusting the cushions on the couch and making sure the coffee table books are straight can be the difference between sitting down to relax rather than ending the day with a list of chores. 

Bake fresh bread. There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread from the oven filling your home. It will reach every room of the house. Once it comes out of the oven and you let it cool, cut a slice while it’s still warm and spread some butter, grind some salt, and relax with a snack, fresh from the oven. A bonus is that you avoided another trip to the grocery store! 

Fresh linens make a world of difference. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly made bed. It’s easy to jump up in the morning and get your day started without giving thought to making the bed or changing the towels. Keeping the linens fresh is a tiny moment of self-care that goes a long way to making you feel refreshed and relax as you get into bed. 

Make sure you open the blinds and curtains in the morning. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you should let that light into your home. As I go on my daily walks with the dogs, I’ve seen many neighbors letting the sun shine brightly through their front doors.

Get the airflow going, even if it’s cold.  Even if you are indoors all day, it’s a good idea to get some fresh air flowing through the house. If it’s cold, close the windows after ten or fifteen minutes. I have found that first thing in the morning, opening the windows while I am brewing fresh coffee is a great way to get a boost of energy at the start of the day. 

Use the fireplace. Pour yourself a glass of wine at the end of the day, light a fire, put down your phone and take a moment to be in the moment. Watch the fire crackle, reflect on your day, and give yourself a moment to feel fresh and ready for whatever comes next. 

Making Your Home More Enjoyable

Have breakfast outside. You don’t need a patio table or sunroom to get a little bit of Vitamin D. Even if it’s a cup of coffee or piece of toast on the front doorstep, get outside for a minute. Make sure to have some breakfast before your workday begins, before the Zooms are scheduled and before the day runs away from you. In a time of social distancing, just sitting on the doorstep and waving at passers-by walking their dogs is a lovely way to get some sunlight. 

Schedule themed family events. Maybe it’s game night or an 80s dinner party. You could also have a themed movie night and watch your favorite flick from yesteryear. When was the last time you watched Grease, Pretty Woman, or Footloose? 

Veggies > Cookies. I know, it’s easy to reach for the snack draw and grab an entire packet of a few cookies, but make sure you’re well-stocked with vegetables too. Consider a plate of pickles, fresh veggies, and cheese, or a protein shake instead of comfort food that will leave you feeling bloated. 

You can also steal some ideas from my Kansas City Staycation blog post from earlier in the year. While you can’t get out and about right now, you can plan for where you will go as soon as the stay at home orders are lifted.  

I’d love to hear how you’re making the most of your time at home. Have any of these ideas resonated with you? Or is there something you can suggest to help make your home feel like your castle?  Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear!!

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