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Taking the Next Step: Buying Your First Home

Taking the Next Step: Buying Your First Home

So you are at a certain stage in life. You have a purpose. You have goals. Your career is steady and you’re actually getting the hang of “adulting”! You might have already settled down or are looking to in the near future. Your monetary objectives and plans are in check. The only missing piece of this puzzle is your home. 

Buying a home for the first time is an exciting journey to embark on, one that can get daunting and overwhelming if you’re not in good hands!

Studies show that the average age of a first-time home buyer in the US is 33 years old. So whether you’re 23, 33, or 43, at some point you’ve come to a position where buying your first property is a feasible, necessary, and/or responsible decision for you or your family. Yet many first-time buyers start looking around only to feel completely bombarded with a considerable amount of information about real estate, house market trends, mortgages, and which neighborhood or school district to be in. 

Suddenly, it seems like you have been thrown into the deep end, questioning where to even start the process. Let me tell you the good news – it’s completely natural to feel this way, and as agents who have been in the business for a long time, we totally get it!

It’s important to know that you are not alone. Let me take you through this process one step at a time.

Kansas City: Places that may interest you.

Kansas City and its suburban areas and sisters such as Overland Park, Leawood, and Olathe have consistently been ranked highly as some of the best places to live in the US. 

We have the jazz vibes, the nightlife, the food, the weekend activities, the family-friendly fun, the education, and of course, the icing on the cake, gorgeous neighborhoods with an affordable cost of living. Whatever you’re looking for, buying in Kansas City is not just about homeownership but also creating a sense of community, belonging, and lifestyle. Who wouldn’t love an address with something to look forward to every weekend?
The real hook is that there’s something for every taste in this fit-all city. Your home is whatever you want it to be, whether you’re looking to set up a home among the art and architecture of the beautiful Country Club Plaza, buying trendy in the commercial hub of downtown KC, or planning to go big and go home to a spacious forever home in the burbs.

How to find a real estate agent for you.

Finding your real estate agent is a bit like picking a partner… And it’s a crucial step in finding the right home for you! Will they listen to you? Do they support your vision? How’s the communication? Are they going to put you first?

So – ask around, referrals from friends and family are useful but remember to look up online reviews from their clients and consider your real estate agent’s experience and reputation when choosing one. It’s a great idea to set up an informal meeting with a potential real estate agent before settling. Most honest and respectful real estate agents will happily meet with you as potential clients as they will understand the importance of picking an agent. Think of it like a first date! Find someone you click with that’s likable and that makes you feel confident in handling the financial, legal, and logistical processes that are involved in buying your dream home. 

As a great partner, your agent is on your team, and remember – an excellent real estate agent determines a good purchase!

How is your financial situation?

Sorting out the financial aspect of buying a home may be the most intimidating part of the process. In your 20s or 30s with a steady career, we understand that making a decision to purchase a home is not one our clients take lightly. Perhaps you are seeing a family in the future, you’ve worked hard for a good credit score, you understand that your current and future monthly budgets need to be sustainable, and for most individuals, you are making a decision about something that is simultaneously your biggest investment and biggest life change. 

Fortunately, understanding your buying power will better inform you in making your choices. Once you know your creditworthiness and financial position, we can connect the dots to determine your realistic purchasing ability.

So if you’re raring to go and just want to make sure your finances are lining up, do online research on lenders’ rates, ask your bank, and put in those queries with potential real estate agents. We’re used to planning with you and setting you up with mortgage brokers and any other resources you need during your process. Before you know it, you will be an expert in understanding the financing models and buying options available.

Around here we like to say “date the rate, marry the house.” Don’t let a high interest rate scare you away from your dream home. It’s guaranteed that interest rates will rise and fall naturally. There is always the option to refinance after you purchase your home.

The Home Buying Process in Kansas City

Your home search begins now, and once you find your real estate agent everything fits into place. Now it’s time to figure out your needs. What are your priorities? What is your budget? Which areas of KC are your focus? Team Blake will look at the available listings and walk you through each of them. And then the fun part of looking at potential homes begins. 

There’s a reason that we enjoy the work we do and it’s because of this. We love the connections we make with you. We will discover together exactly what it is that you want from your home: the location, the size, the style, the layout, and the interior and exterior amenities.  Buying a home is a life-changing adventure and not a burden, so we’re in this together as we explore the life you want to bring into your home but also, what you want your home to bring to your life. 

When we go through listings, we’ll help you note the pros, cons, and all the features both hidden and visible. We encourage our clients to take their time viewing the properties, take photos and take notes! When you find the home that you love, it’s important to be as swift as possible in making an offer. Trust us – it’s a hot market! Being decisive and organized with an offer brings huge rewards in the real-estate business, and we know that your dream home is worth it!
Once the offer is received and accepted, it’s time for a home inspection. If there are any issues, we can request the seller to do the necessary repairs. Once you feel confident that all is well, you sign the paperwork, we organize the final payments, and lastly (but most importantly) we celebrate. Kansas City backyard Barbeque anyone?

Your first step in home-buying starts with Team Blake!

Rumor has it that you’re ready to find your perfect place, right here in Kansas City! It’s your first home, and it’s a big deal… But this is your time, and you are today’s hottest buyer. Need a little help? That’s what we’re here for! Team Blake is ready to find you your dream home, in the right neighborhood and for the right price. Reach out to us today to take the next step!

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