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Everything You Need to Know About Selling Your Home by Season

Selling your home can be a tricky process regardless of when you decide it’s time to move. It’s important to think about things like your budget, decor, cleanliness, school districts, and repairs that your home may need, but you should also be thinking of unique perks or drawbacks that come with seasonal changes.

No matter when you sell, there are pros and cons associated with the time of year. Seasons are not just about the weather, there’s an ambiance or emotion that can be associated with the start of spring, the holidays or that first sign of fall foliage.

You want to use those emotions to your advantage when selling your home.

Advantages of selling your home in Spring:

The weather is perfect! People are going to more social events and real estate is often a subject of conversation between friends and acquaintances.  April, May and June are prime time for selling homes.

  • There are more buyers looking for homes so your home should sell quickly.
  • People are more likely to be outdoors so they’ll see your for sale sign or the curb appeal you’ve worked so hard to nourish.
  • Homeowners are landscaping and suddenly realize they want more usable space.
  • People have mostly recovered financially from the holidays and they are able to spend again. There might even be an influx of cash if people are getting their tax refunds and buyers may have more disposable income as a result.
  • There is a rise in the number of social functions in the spring and real estate is a very social topic! People talk about the homes they’ve seen or their plans to sell, so there’s a subtle social-influence to the real estate market.

Drawbacks of selling your home in the Spring:

  • Spring has become a high-energy and competitive season. It’s a gorgeous time of year and people like to be outdoors. That means the market is VERY busy. Your house will have to be staged and maintained for multiple showings or open house events.
  • There are a lot of homes on the market so people seek perfection. They’re not going to be willing to settle so there’s less flexibility for imperfections like not replacing carpets or shingles.
  • You may not get as much as your original asking price for your home as it’s more likely to be a buyer’s market.
  • A $10,000 price reduction after five days on the market is not unheard of in spring versus winter when the market wear is not as quick or drastic.

Advantages of selling your home in the Summer:

Selling in the summer is a safe bet. Prices are consistent and the market is stable. Plus, all those daylight hours are perfect for staging and showing homes.

  • Home values are steady and don’t bounce around like they often do in the spring.
  • It’s a great season for photography. The weather is usually sunny and perfect for listing photos. This means you’re less likely to have to re-take photos due to an unexpected spring blizzard.
  • You can increase your curb appeal by keeping your landscaping well maintained.
  • It’s the perfect time of year to let your outdoors spaces shine! People can see themselves grilling on the deck or playing in the yard.

Drawbacks of selling your home in the Summer:

That warmer weather means people are busy! Between time off work, days at the pool or planning a vacation, selling your home during the summer can have some disadvantages too.

  • Extreme heat can slow down showings.
  • Vacations and special events can take up most of the time on people’s schedules.
  • Families are scheduling their days around kids activities like camp or play dates.
  • Kids are starting school and parents are adapting to a new routine.

Advantages of selling your home in the Fall:

Fall can be a fantastic time for us to market your home. The air is crisp and cool. People are more likely to get out in the nice weather to look for their new home.

  • Use that fall foliage to your advantage! How beautiful does your home look right now?
  • Cooler temperatures create the desire for a cozy indoor atmosphere.
  • The inside of your home becomes the main priority! Focus on your fall decor and create a cozy atmosphere that will welcome potential buyers into your space.
  • School is in session so potential home buyers finally have the time to look at homes without their kids.
  • Buyers are focused and ready to make a decision.
  • The cool fall air is crisp and invigorating. People are more likely to buy during fall, especially when they feel welcomed and comfortable.

Drawbacks of selling your home in the Fall:

Selling your home in the Fall can be slightly more stressful than other times of year because the market is slower. The possibility of less buyer traffic can make it feel like your house isn’t generating much interest, but when you work with the right agent, they know how to drive buyers!

  • The housing market is starting to move a little slower and there may be fewer buyers looking.
  • There are more window-shoppers who are less serious about moving.
  • Fall can turn cold very quickly towards the end of the season.
  • People are saving up for the holiday season.
  • Sports like football and other extracurricular activities can take up a majority of families’ free time.
  • During fall, your home must show perfectly! Staging your home with cozy accents can make or break a sale.

Advantages of selling your home in the Winter:

There’s no better time to make a house a home than winter. You can stage your home with a touch of Holiday magic to wow buyers.

  • You don’t have to put as much time or money into landscaping.
  • Cheery holiday decor can be used to hide minor cosmetic blemishes in your home.
  • There aren’t any wasted showings. If buyers are looking in winter, they are serious about buying.
  • There are potential tax benefits associated with the end of the year.
  • Fewer homes on the market mean your home has less competition.

Disadvantages of selling your home in the Winter:

With everyone focused on the holidays, you might find it hard to gain traction for your home. Couple that with potential bad weather keeping people indoors, and you might find people unwilling to leave their home to look at yours.

  • There are fewer buyers.
  • Buyers can be very picky.
  • Money is tied up in holiday expenses so cash flow might influence decisions.
  • Buyers perceive that the sellers are desperate to sell and will, therefore, negotiate harder.

No Matter When You Sell…

The nuances that are in play when getting your home ready for sale shouldn’t be off-putting. In fact, when you work with the right agent, they will know exactly how to play to the advantages of the time of year.

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