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Our Most Remarkable and Memorable Sales of 2018

As we reflect on last year, we have to say, we had an amazing time. Thank you to each and every one of our clients. We superseded our goals and made friends with so many wonderful people.

We promised you a look at some of our most memorable and remarkable sales, and we’re ready to share the story.

These are the sales that make us love our jobs as much as we love Kansas City. When we help families find their perfect home here and develop lasting friendships with them, we happily remember why we chose this awesome profession.

Who Says You Can’t Come Home Again?

Angela is one of our favorite stories. She lived in a gorgeous home in Olathe, the interior conceived and created by her. As a designer by trade, she transformed her home into a showstopper during the ten dedicated years she and her family lived there.

Her husband’s career required a transfer in 2017, so they had to put their house up for sale. It’s no surprise that it sold immediately, Angela reaping the financial rewards of all her talent. However, it was hard leaving behind all the hard work she put into the place that someone else would enjoy.

In 2018, we were amazed to find out she was moving back to Kansas City and looking for a place to live. Her previous neighbors approached the current owners of her former house. It turned out they were actually facing relocation due to work.

Of course, Angela was ecstatic!

Not only did she get to move back into her home two months later, but gave it a brand new spin with paintbrush and tools in hand. Her children were very excited to get their old bedrooms back.

Best Kind of Downsizing

Darleen’s tale is close to my heart. She was living the family dream, raising her three kids in a spacious house situated in a cul-de-sac with a huge pool. The place was perfect for having friends over and hosting holiday parties.

Then tragically, her husband passed away.

After 27 years of raising her children in this family home, Darleen felt like an empty nester in the midst of a home that reminded her of the love she lost. All the extra space made her “home” feel like a “house” and she almost felt a greater sense of loss of the laughter and good times of yesteryear.

The emotions were overwhelming.

Luckily, Darleen had the support of her grown children who encouraged her to find the new right-sized home she now desired.

The highlight really came when her son called our team from Houston requesting that I join them for a family meeting. After a bottle (or two!) of red wine, a few tears and plenty of big hugs, we all came up with a plan that everyone was happy with.

Three days after Christmas, Darleen moved into her dreamy, picture-perfect, maintenance-provided villa in the Overland Park area.

Since her move, the grief she felt in her large home has been softened by her new social life. She’s always inviting her neighbors for dinner or planning events with her friends.

This isn’t a case of downsizing. This is right-sizing.

Fun, Flexible, and First-Rate

I can’t stop smiling when I think of Cotton and Leslie. They had to relocate from Maryland to Kansas City. In no time, we developed a wonderful rapport. I would give them the client of the year award if I could. They embody the definition of ‘cool’ in every way.

I honestly wish we could have spent more time together looking at houses, we got along that well.

We had a deep level of respect and trust for each other and I quickly began to understand what they wanted and I could sense their disappointment with the options so far.

I knew they were looking for their dream home, so I decided to show them more expensive homes still much cheaper than their counterparts in the D.C. Metro area, although just as lovely. That’s when they decided to double their budget and move into the home they fell in love with on Lee Blvd.

Selling My Own Home

I pride myself in going above and beyond to make my clients happy. So when I realized my client’s perfect house was my home, we made a deal.

Yes, the idea of selling my home had been in the back of my mind. That’s why this transaction became the true definition of a win-win situation.

You often hear me use the term win-win. Well, this business agreement was the epitome of that expression and one of the most memorable moments of the year for me.

It was definitely a different showing than most. I had the candles lit, the music playing, the bar fully stocked and the wine poured. Of course, I had my famous Charcuterie board filled with goodies ready for my guests.

It was an emotional, suspenseful evening, and four hours after they first walked in the door, I received a text saying that they’d take it. I’m good at making big decisions at a fast pace, so after a thirty-minute tour, I left them to have the house to themselves for the evening. Two weeks later a moving van was parked in my driveway.

What a Small World

You never know where your next client is going to come from. That’s what happened with the Beshears. I hired a new marketing professional for my business who then introduced me to a design team. Ironically, the owner, Sarah and I, went to college together.

I found out that she and her husband wanted to sell their home in Reinhardt Estates and needed a bit of a jump-start with the process. The shared experience of going to the same college together helped us develop a trusting relationship easily.

So while she was helping me with my business by refreshing my brand and coming up with an amazing new logo, I was staging her home for an open house.

There was no need to change seats at the table during our meetings! We scheduled our appointments back-to-back and completed both deals simultaneously.

In the process, I’ve become a raving fan of hers, and she’s become a client of mine for life. What a crazy, small world we live in!

Here’s What Happens When Your Mother-In-Law Picks Your House… 

It’s not uncommon for me to work with out-of-town buyers but this story will remain a favorite for years to come.

Lindsay and Michael decided they wanted to move back to Kansas City. Both work and family played into their decision so they flew in from Chicago for a long-weekend so we could go house hunting.

We know the drill well. They met us at the office and we had back-to-back showings. To offset the feeling of rushing around Kansas City, I showed them my true concierge service.

This power-couple have high powered jobs. One is a physician, the other works in commercial real estate so this was the weekend to find a new home. I know that finding a time to chat on the phone once they returned to Chicago was going to be a challenge.

By the time they flew back to the windy city, we didn’t even have a shortlist of homes to move forward with. But that didn’t stop any of us.

This is where the mother-in-law stepped in…

Michael’s mother, Karla, lives in Kansas City so she’d meet me at a home, armed with her iPhone. Our buyers would view the home on FaceTime. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and had a new-found appreciation for smartphones.

The process worked and in this day and age, buying a house over Skype or Facetime isn’t as uncommon as you’d think.

Karla and I spent a lot of time together, and our upbeat energy alleviated the stress that many would feel in picking a home for their son and daughter-in-law. iPhone in hand, we’d schedule showings, and if we couldn’t reach our buyers on FaceTime, we’d record a quick video, before sharing a high five and moving on to the next viewing.

We were able to get Lindsay and Michael into the perfect home. It was clear to me that the friendship I had maintained over the years with the listing agent had really paid off in more ways than one – we were one 12 offers on the house.

I know my relationship, and history of smooth and successful transactions with the seller’s agent sealed the deal.

It gives me great pleasure to say that Lindsay and Michael ended up moving back in the summer. They couldn’t be happier with their new house, the community, and they’re now close by family.

Moments like this are why I love what I do.

Coming Back to Someone Isn’t Always a Mistake

The Walters were previous clients of mine. It’s not uncommon for circles to change and end up working with a new agent in a different social circle. How many of you have a friend, neighbor, or friend’s kid that is breaking into the real estate business?!

It just seemed too good and convenient to pass up. Their new realtor put their house up for sale but the relationship soured and the house never sold.

That’s when they decided to come back to us and we greeted our dear friends back with open arms. We hosted our first VIP open house and reached out to their neighbors and subdivision to help spread the word. It was a huge success. By the end of the evening, we had offers on the table.

It just so happened that their next door neighbor had met me at this open house and ended up selling their home with us the following month. They struggled before this, but when they agreed to follow our program and change their mindset, their house sold quickly.

Better still, this client has referred, in total, more than two million dollars of business. We are so grateful that this returning client had such a good experience that they refered us to their network.

We know how important and time consuming finding a new home can be. If you’re not completely happy and in love with your selection then we’re not doing our job. This is what we’re passionate about. We can’t wait for what’s in store in 2019!

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