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Blake’s Guide to Relocating Out of State

Blake’s Guide to Relocating Out of State

Blake’s Guide to Relocating Out of State

Blake’s Guide to Relocating Out of State

Moving to a new location is stressful. It’s an opportunity for you to change your environment, but there are a lot of moving parts to factor in. But one thing you won’t need to worry about: #TeamBlake has your back, even when your new home is far away. We have created a step by step checklist of what you need to do to get your life in order and start over in a new city. Whether it’s for family, career, or any reason at all, if you follow the steps #BlakePlan steps you will be much more prepared and confident when it comes time to relocate out of state. 

Make a list

Relocating is a stressful time for anyone. With all the packing, planning, and organizing that needs to happen before the big move, it can be easy to lose your focus. But, by staying organized throughout the entire process, it will be easier to keep your motivation high and reduce stress before the moving date. I am a HUGE fan of lists, and it feels so good to cross things off as you are working along to achieve your relocation goals. Lists will help ensure you don’t miss the small things… or even the big things! 

If your relocation plans include selling your existing home, you’ll most likely have two transactions happening at the same time. That’s where you can trust the concierge-level service that Team Blake provides to make sure your home is staged and ready to hit the market as soon as you are. We have a 3-day average for homes to sell once listed, and lately we are seeing multiple offers come in well above asking price. We give you peace of mind on wrapping up loose ends here, so you can focus on getting packed and ready for your new adventure in another location. 

Use our connections to find a trusted real estate agent

Though you may be moving to a new home, you’ve got plenty of things to do before you arrive. Some tasks can wait while others can be completed while you’re traveling. Relocating can put a strain on your time, patience and energy. You’ll need a good real estate agent and how to make a deal that works for both you and your prospective new home. We have a network of agents we trust throughout the United States, and even around the world. Use our connections to find a real estate agent we personally vouch for who will work with you every step of the way, and who will work well with us if we are finishing up selling your home here.

Find your new home before you even pack a box

Moving out of state is an entirely different process than moving in state. It may be intimidating to think about packing boxes and moving with your stuff in a new place. With our network of trusted partners, you’ll be able to find your out of state dream home before even packing your first box here. We use our personal relationships and knowledge of your preferences to match you with the right agent. When you relocate out of state, it’s important to get everything right from the start.

Set a date for the big move

The biggest problem with relocating out of state is not knowing exactly when you will be making that big move; however, there are several strategies you can use to get yourself prepared before the big day arrives. It may seem daunting at first glance, but it’s actually not that difficult if you have prepared just right!

Relocating usually means taking time off work to find a new home, packing all of your personal items, and getting your car ready for the drive. You probably don’t want all this on your plate just a few short weeks before your move. Having a checklist, planning ahead, and taking things step by step (and of course, working alongside #TeamBlake) will help you be prepared when that final “Big Move” date comes around. 

Know that living in another state may cost more than living in your home state

If you relocate to a new city in a different state, your expenses will not necessarily be the same as if you lived in your current home. This is because local market prices for items (especially housing) are often different from the average of your current state, which means your housing costs could be higher there. In most cases, you won’t be completely out of one house and living in the new one on January 1, so you will also need to keep in mind that you could be paying state taxes for both states the first year. 

While the cost of living may be a bit higher where you are moving to than we have here in the Midwest, being at a new place offers numerous advantages. We will make sure to match you up with an agent and team who is just as knowledgeable about their city as #TeamBlake is about Kansas City. 

Relocation can be exciting, stressful, and sometimes it’s scary. If you are about to relocate out of state, get some help from our team. From introducing you to agent partners we trust to making sure loose ends are wrapped up here as you head out for a new exciting adventure, when you are prepared, confident in your goals, and organized, relocating out of state can be both rewarding and fun.

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