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At-Home Date Night

At-Home Date Night: How to Make it Memorable

Thinking about a date night could seem like an overwhelming task right now, after all, Corona has taken over so much of our lives. 

A lot of our “normals” have changed, and we are always aware of social distancing and have our masks handy. Human contact, intimacy and relationships are more important now than ever before, but all this proximity could also be taking its toll on how you interact with one another.

You and your partner deserve a little bit of pampering to take your minds off of the world around you, at least for an evening. Here are some ideas you could try to shake up the routine of zoning out in front of the TV every night.

Cook Together! 

You may have seen the list of cooking classes in our earlier post, 151+ Things To Do While You’re At Home Practicing Social Distancing. How about taking one of those classes together, and cooking something new? Work together on the meal, or if you want to add a competitive edge, make it a challenge like a mystery box of ingredients, kitchen challenges, or a baking challenge. Take some inspiration from Chopped!, Cutthroat Kitchen, or The Great British Baking Show! 

Turn the TV Off and Turn the Music On

You’ve been binging shows for weeks. We all know how quickly you watched Tiger King, you’ve finished Season 3 of Ozark, and Grey’s Anatomy has finished for the season. Rather than re-watching That 70s Show for the fifth time, turn off the TV and escape with some music for the evening.

Maybe make a Spotify playlist reminiscent of a mixtape, or pick a theme for the evening and dance together. If you need a little inspiration, check out my Spotify playlist and tell me if you liked it. 

Turn on the Music

Surprise Someone With Fresh Flowers 

Flowers can brighten up not only the room but also the mood. Surprise your partner with a fresh arrangement from your favorite florist doing curbside pickup. My favorite store is Gregory’s Fine Floral and it’s so important to support local businesses right now. If you’re watching your spending or avoiding deliveries, get creative with flowers from your own yard. 

Wine and Cheese Tasting Night 

When I shared a blog post about how to make Valentine’s Day Different and Memorable I told you about one of my favorite cheese stores, Better Cheddar, and the feedback was great! Better Cheddar is offering curbside pickup and carryout orders. It’s one of my favorite places to get classic European cheeses. As for wine, talk to Brian at Cellar Rat – he is a close friend that knows everything! The Underdog Wine Company is still open at their Union Hill location, and are another great option for the perfect bottle of wine for your date night. Be sure to get yourself something decadent! 

Brunch Date

Dates don’t have to be in the evenings, especially now that we’re home all the time! Fire up the griddle and get the mimosas flowing for a special brunch date. No one is going to mind if you have a lunchtime cocktail, as long as you’re still able to focus when you get on that early-afternoon Zoom call! 

Get Nostalgic and Walk down Memory Lane

When was the last time you flipped through old photos together or watched those family videos? Are all your photos on your phone? Why not take a night to make a photo book of your last vacation or the first trip you took together? 

Walk Down Memory Lane

Paint and Sip Class at Home

Paint and Sip businesses have been very popular in recent years, and some of them are now offering take-home kits and online classes. 

Order Curbside Pickup from Your Favorite Local Restaurant

More than ever, restaurants need our support. I know some people are choosing to avoid delivery, and if that’s the case, consider buying a gift card now and using it once you’re able. I’ve been enjoying takeout from McLain’s, Waldo Thai and KC Taco Company (Margarita’s to go? Count me in!). Watch this space a take-out Instagram giveaway later in the week — follow me at @blakenelsonre and your date-night dinner might be on me. 

Plan a Post-COVID Getaway

Social distancing will lift and hotels, restaurants, and resorts will be ready to welcome us once again. We love to travel and I am looking forward to being able to do so again. Why not start planning now? Pick up that coffee table book, and flip through to your favorite locations. Want to visit somewhere new? How about returning to somewhere you made wonderful memories? Sitting down together and planning a future trip is a great way to connect.

Plan a Post-COVID Getaway

Staying connected and focusing on your relationship is really important. Know that you might both be snippy or on edge, but also make time for each other and do something special. If you feel like you’re in survival mode, agree on a date-night, have a shower or bubble bath and dress up in your best. Making the effort to do something special with someone special could be just what you need right now. 

Make sure to take time not only for yourself but show your love and appreciation for your partner. You’re in this together. 

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